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Acadia National Park update

Why Go To Acadia National Park update Vacationing in Acadia National Park turns you into a pioneer: Each trail leads to rugged, untouched land just waiting to be captured by your camera lens. Cobalt waves crash on the jagged granite slabs topped with spruce trees that jut out from the shore. Harbor seals sun themselves on abandoned chunks of bedrock off the coast as peregrine falcons scream down at you from the skies. Rocky trails and rustic carriage roads thread around the inl...

Cox’s Bazar

Rows and rows of jhaoban, soft bed of sand, and the sea in front of which merged with the vast sky. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me looks like either with Cox’s Bazar, the largest beach in the world, and 125 km in the length. It is the most popular Sea beach in the world which is located in the south-eastern part of the Bay of Bengal. The natural sandy beach Cox’s Bazar is an ideal place for those who are thirsty for travel. Grown of sea blue wa...

Chittagong Hill Tracts

It is Friday and the first day of the weekend in this largely Muslim country. Today there will be a big demonstration against the government in the centre of,Rajshani, a city of 1.5 million. The government are trying to make it hard for people to attend so it has stopped all the buses from running. As we leave we pass through several police checkpoints where they are looking at all the vehicles entering the city; perhaps this isn't as free a society as it appears.

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