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To obtain a visa the applicant must submit the following:
Information about Bangladesh:
Capital city: Dhaka Local time: GMT+6 Telephone Code: +880 Bank Time: 10AM TO 05PM Exchange Rate: 77.56 Embassy Address: Dhaka
Visa Guide:
  • 1 (one) copy of completed online Visa Application Form. Please click here
  • 1 (one) 37mm X 37mm photograph taken within the last six months.
  • Passport, valid for at least six months.
  • Copy of passport with photo page.
  • For US nationals Visa Fee is US$160.00 (One hundred and sixty US Dollar). For nationals of other countries, please click here
    Depending upon the purpose of visit, the following documents may be required: (or please click here)
  • Tourist visa: Travel itinerary/air ticket reservation.
  • Work visa: Letter of employment from the employer in Bangladesh and letter of concurrence from concerned Ministry, Board of Investment (BOI), Bangladesh Export Processing Zone (BEPZA). To work in a non-governmental organization (NGO), the applicant should furnish copy of letter of appointment from the NGO with attestation by the Bangladesh NGO Affairs Bureau, Dhaka.
  • Student visa: Letter from the concerned educational institution duly attested by the Bangladesh Ministry of Education, Dhaka and Certificate of financial guarantee
  • Business visa : Letter from the employer in the United States and invitation letter from the host company in Bangladesh clearly stating the purpose of the visit. Please also include Trade License/Registration Paper or any Government issued Certificate in favour of host organization.  If you are interested to include your name in the list of interested importers from Bangladesh, please click here.
  • Investor visa: Letter of recommendation from the Bangladesh Ministry of Industries or the Board of Investment (BOI) or Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA), Dhaka.
  • Missionary visa : Letter of appointment from the Church and “No Objection” from the Bangladesh Ministry of Religious Affairs, Dhaka.
  • Diplomatic and official visa : Note verbale/letter from the concerned government office/Mission
  • Journalist visa: Letter of request from the employer/news agency clearly stating the purpose of the visit. 
  • Persons/Network/Organization requesting for shooting/filming in Bangladesh are required to fill in Form FF-1 and FF-2, in addition to the visa application form.


Please note that after scrutiny of documents, the Consular Officer may request for an interview and/or submission of additional documents. Issuance of visa may be delayed if reference has to be made to Bangladesh for clearance. 


Mail in Service: Application for visa and NVR endorsement can also be submitted by mail. For details please click Mail-in-Service.

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