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UK Visit Visa from Bangladesh | Agent, Fee, Requirement 2022
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There is a lot of demand for the UK visit visa from Bangladesh. Because people from Bangladesh who like to travel constantly are traveling to England. There are few people in the world who do not know the UK or the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is world famous for travel, business settlement, and study.

Many of us apply for England visit visas without knowing and understanding. In most cases, our visa applications are rejected due to incorrect information or incorrect application. So let’s know about the UK visit visa from Bangladesh’s proper application rules and essential conditions of UK Visit Visa application.

Here you will be informed step by step about each topic. Through this, you will be able to know about the United Kingdom visa processing very easily. So stay tuned till the end.

Contact for UK Visit Visa Processing

01906-297 831

01906-297 832 

Office Address:  Mukto Bangla Shopping Complex, 4th Floor, Commercial Space No:13-17, Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216 , Bangladesh.

Types of UK Visit Visa from Bangladesh

Before informing about the United Kingdom visa, you need to know what type of visa can be applied for from Bangladesh. But here I want to inform you that currently, everyday travelers from Bangladesh can apply for 4 types of visas for the United Kingdom. Among them, the most important is the one who applies for the one he needs.

See below for visas for the work you wish to travel to the UK.

  1. UK Tourist visa
  2. UK Work Visa
  3. UK Student Visa
  4. UK Business Visa

UK Tourist Visa: The most applied UK visa from Bangladesh is a tourist visa. Every year countless people apply to visit the United Kingdom on a regular basis. So you have to select this if you want to apply for a visa to visit England.

UK Work Visa: Travelers who wish to travel to England for work must apply for a UK work visa from Bangladesh. For this, you need to submit your job description and supporting information.

UK Student Visa: Long-term visa allows Bangladeshi students to study at universities in the United Kingdom. However, students need to apply for a UK student visa to study there.

UK Business Visa: Individuals traveling to the United Kingdom from Bangladesh on business usually apply for a UK business visa. Through this, a regular traveler can travel from Bangladesh to the UK for various business purposes.

Step By Step Guide for UK Visit Visa from Bangladesh

  • You have to fill out the UK application form online fill the application form go here and open the user account. The user will open and start filling out the form.-
  • At the end of the form filling, you have to confirm the visa application fee payment. You can pay through PayPal/Visa/Master Card/Crawl/Web Money or any payment system to set up. UK visa application fee is 193 Euro including service charge.
  • After the payment is completed, you have to make an appointment to submit the application at the visa application center or consular section of the embassy. After completing the appointment, the entire application form + visa application fee confirmation must be printed out. You can download the application + payment copy online anytime. After filling out the application form, the following status will show in your file.
  • After completing the above tasks, you now have to make a list of what documents to submit with the finality. You will get the list of documents required from this place

I will talk in detail about those who are students/jobs/businessmen in this episode.

What Documents are Required to Get a UK Visit Visa from Bangladesh?


Do you know what kind of documents you will need to apply for UK Visit Visa from Bangladesh? It is normal for common new travelers not to know the correct information about this. But you can know about this if you want. Below we are now going to discuss the information required for a UK visa.

You don’t want to travel for any reason as you will get information for all types of visas. But of course, you need to read carefully about this. So let’s know what documents are required to get the UK to visit visa from Bangladesh.

  • Filled Application Form (Youth Photo and Don’t Forget to Sign)
  • Payment Confirmation Letter (Print From Email)
  • Appointment confirmation printout
  • Passport minimum 1 year valid.
  • Passport size photo 35*45
  • Bank Statement / Sufficient Fund (In the case of bank statements, minimum of 6 months of statement/transaction should be submitted. The bank statement must have a seal stamp/date and a signature by the bank authority. Note that internet printout of bank account information will not be acceptable.
  • A bank statement is not required if someone sends an invitation from the UK. In that case, a copy of the bank statement of the invitee + a copy of the data page of the person/passport will be required. If the invitation is from a company/organization, it should be on their headed paper.
  • Copy of legal status of current country (photocopy of valid visa/residence)
  • Holiday letter from the university of students or current student’s confirmation letter. The holiday letter should mention his/her semester and the number of days off.
  • Confirmation letter on the company’s headed paper (details about the job such as salary, your job position, how many days you have been working, etc.)
  • Salary slip of last 3 months of working.
  • Business registration papers (from the tax office) should be submitted if one is doing business by himself. The business registration paper must contain the mention of the name, type of business, when you are starting it, etc.
  • In case of business last 3 months balance sheet (i.e. a sample table of how much your income is)

Appear at the UK visa application center with the above documents. The place and date will be written in the appointment confirmation letter. Appear for interview and biometrics at least 15 minutes before. After submitting your application at the Visa Application Center, you will be asked some formal questions. And biometric (digital facial image + fingerprint) will be taken. You can submit all types of documents in original if you wan

United Kingdom Visit Visa Application Center from Bangladesh

They will return all documents to you by post, except the visa application form and copy of your residence.

Contact for UK Visit Visa Processing

01906-297 831

01906-297 832 

Office Address:  Mukto Bangla Shopping Complex, 4th Floor, Commercial Space No:13-17, Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216 , Bangladesh.

VSF Global Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd.,
Simon Building Gulshan-1, Dhaka
Deposit Hours: 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Sunday to Wednesday
Thu: 8:30 to 1:30
Closed Friday and Saturday.

Interview: No interview is required if the documents are in order and you are eligible for the visa. It usually takes 10 to 25 days after submitting the application. In some cases, it takes longer than that.

UK Visit Visa Fee from Bangladesh

Above you have learned about the Key document required for a Bangladesh UK visa and how to apply. But this time you need to know about United Kingdom Visit Visa Fee. But since you can apply for a United Kingdom visa by following 2 methods, you must know about the fees. So if you want to apply for a visa through us then you have to pay the fee mentioned below.

Visa Type Visa Fee
Single Entry 3000 TK

Important FAQ about UK Visit Visa from Bangladesh

Is UK Visit Visa now available for Bangladeshis?

Yes UK visit visa is now available from Bangladesh. So you can apply for the visa by collecting the required documents.

Is it possible to move to London without a job?

Yes, you can visit the UK on a tourist visa without a job. But for this, you must apply for the visa in a proper manner.

How many days are required for the UK visit visa processing?

Usually, 15 working days are required for UK Visit Visa processing. However, this time may be more field-specific.

How long can I stay in London without a visa?

You can usually stay in the United Kingdom for 6 months without a visa. But in the meantime, you have to apply to renew your visa. This 6 mash will allow you to participate in various activities including business meetings, events, and conferences.

Which is the right travel agency to apply for the UK visit visa from Bangladesh?

If you want to apply to the court for a visa from Bangladesh in less time and at less cost then you can contact GOFLY Limited. Because they have been running this service successfully for a long time. Their contact number is 01906-297 831.

We have already reviewed all the required information for the UK visit visa from Bangladesh above. By now you may have learned how to complete this task. So now get the right visa as per your reason for travel. If you want to know more details about the United Kingdom visit visa processing then contact us directly.




Information about United Kingdom:
Capital city: London Local time: GMT +0 Telephone Code: + 44 Bank Time: Closed on Sunday Exchange Rate: 1 GBP is equivalent to 140 BDT Embassy Address: United Nations Road Baridhara . P O Box 6079 Dhaka - 1212, Bangladesh Email: Telephone: +88 02 882 2705 Consular fax / email: +880 2 988 2819 /
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