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Detailed discussion on various issues, including how to apply for a Turkey visa from Bangladesh and get a Turkish tourist visa from Bangladesh. There will also be information about visa type, agent information, and required documents. Turkey is one of the most famous countries for low-cost travel abroad. Every year many Bengali citizens travel to Turkey for various purposes.

You can travel to Turkey with different types of visas. However, if you want to travel as a traveler, you must apply for a tourist visa. However, in this case, many times, you may not know how to do it. However, you can learn how to apply for a Turkey visa from Bangladesh by reading this article in its entirety. So let’s jump to the main point without delay.

Contact for Turkey Visa Processing

01906-297 831

01906-297 832 

Office Address:  Mukto Bangla Shopping Complex, 4th Floor, Commercial Space No:13-17, Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216 , Bangladesh.

Types of Turkey Visa from Bangladesh

For Turkey Visa, first, you need to know the type of visa, and you have to choose what kind of visa you will get. But usually, passengers do not have much idea about this. So we are informing you about the types of Turkey visas from Bangladesh at the beginning of this article. This will make it easier for you to choose the right visa.

  • Turkey tourist visa
  • Turkey Employment Visa
  • Turkey Education Visa

Turkey Tourist Visa: Turkey Tourist Visa Processing Time – If all the paperwork is correct, this visa can take up to 15 working days to process. Tourists can travel anywhere with this visa. Turkey Tourist Visa Expires – With this visa, tourists can stay in Turkey legally for 60 days to 180 days.

Turkey Employment Visa: Turkey Employment Visa Processing Time – Once the application is properly processed, the Turkey Employment Visa takes about 25 days to 30 days to process. Duration of Turkish Employment Visa – This visa lasts from about 1 year to 2 years. By renewing this visa, professionals will be able to stay in Turkey legally for as long as they wish.

Turkey Education Visa: Turkey Education Visa Processing Time – If all the paperwork is correct, it may take approximately 3 to 15 days to process this visa. Duration of Turkish Education Visa – Students can usually stay in Turkey legally for up to 1 year. In some cases, students can stay in Turkey until they have completed their higher education.

What Documents are Required to Get a Turkey Visa from Bangladesh?

To apply for a Turkey visa from Bangladesh as a tourist, you must collect some documents. However, if you do not know what documents will be required, you can find them below. Each subject is presented separately so that you can easily understand these necessary documents. So let’s get to know the necessary documents for a Turkey visa from Bangladesh.

  1. Passport: It is recommended to have a valid passport with at least 30 more days left till the expiry of its due date. In addition, there should be at least two unused/blank pages of the passport book.
  2. Visa Application Form: Must have a duly filled visa application form signed with a date.
  3. Photo Specification: Must have image size (35mm x 45mm). Those pictures should be taken within 6 months, and the picture’s background should be white.
  4. Health Assessment: You must take a testimonial from a recognized medical center in Turkey through your health assessment. Whether the coroner has been vaccinated, a copy must be submitted along with the application form.
  5. Birth Registration Letter: Must have an original copy of the Birth Registration Letter.
  6. Police Clearance: An original copy of the Police Clearance Certificate.
  7. Accommodation Details: Once you are sure where you will travel, you must show the accommodation details.
  8. Identity Documents: It is important to have the main copy and photocopy of the voter ID card in Bangladesh.

How to Apply for a Turkey Visa from Bangladesh?

You can easily apply for a Turkish visa from Bangladesh. In this case, you can use 2 methods. One is to do it yourself and the other is to do it in collaboration with a travel agency. However, most travelers usually apply for a Turkey Visa with the help of a travel agency. This allows you to get a visa at the appointed time with very little hassle. However, if you want to apply for a Turkey Visa by yourself, follow the rules below.

Step 1: Visa selection

The type of visa you want to go to Turkey must first be chosen.

Step 2: Provide the necessary information

All the necessary information should be attached to the visa application form. Must provide all legal documents.

Step 3: Visa application begins

You can start applying for a Turkish visa online right away. To apply for a visa online, you must first download the visa application form. And at the same time, the downloaded form must be filled with all the correct information.

Step 4: Record the interview

Be sure to record the interview for your Turkish visa correctly. Go to the visa office and attend your interview.

Step 5: Make the payment.

For the visa you are completing the application, the amount of payment prescribed for it has to be paid properly. And don’t forget to collect the receipt for the payment along with it. Because this receipt may be required later.

Step 6: Collect the passport

Collect the passport at the last stage. Find out the date of your flight to Turkey.

Turkey Visa Fee from Bangladesh

Above you know how to apply for a Turkey tourist visa from Bangladesh. However, this time we want to inform you about Turkey visa fee from Bangladesh. This will allow you to get a clearer idea about the visa. However, you must seek help from a reputable travel agency to apply for a visa. Below is a contact number where you can get any service related to Turkey visa by contacting.

Contact for Turkey Visa Processing

01906-297 831

01906-297 832 

Office Address:  Mukto Bangla Shopping Complex, 4th Floor, Commercial Space No:13-17, Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216 , Bangladesh.

Visa Type Visa Fee
Singe Entry 5040 TK
Multiple Entry 15960 TK

Important FAQ about Turkey Visa from Bangladesh

Is Turkey open to Bangladesh?

Turkey is open to tourists of all nationalities. All Bangladeshi passport holders wishing to go to Turkey in 2022 must consult the latest entry COVID-19 rules prohibited and necessary. Then they can travel to Turkey if they want.

Is it difficult to get Turkey Visa from Bangladesh?

Getting a visa to Turkey is not very difficult. You can also apply for a Turkish visa at your country’s Turkish Foreign Mission or Consulate. For this type of application, it is recommended to prepare all the required documents and meet the criteria of the application.

Is a Turkish student visa denied?

If your application is rejected due to an incomplete application, you will need to apply for another visa after correcting any errors. You can apply for a new visa within 24 hours of receiving your rejection letter. And if all the information is correct then you can get your visa within the next three days of application.

How much time do you need for Turkey Tourist Visa from Bangladesh?

Turkey Tourist Visa from Bangladesh usually requires 2 to 3 business days. Many times it may take longer due to various complications.

We have already discussed the above information about the Turkey visa from Bangladesh. So if you have clearly finished the above information later, then you can easily apply for a visa. If you have any further information about Turkey Visa or have any questions, please contact us at any time at the number given above. This will allow you to easily find the answer to any of your questions.

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