Thailand Visa from Bangladesh | Agent, Fee, Requirement

Thailand Visa from Bangladesh

This article will find almost all the information you need to know about a Thailand visa from Bangladesh. Thailand is the first choice of most people in our country after India for travel. Thailand is the perfect place for a secluded trip. A solitary journey is needed to overcome daily work stress and keep a cool head. You may have traveled a lot inside the country. But this time I want to go abroad and come back. Then Thailand will be the perfect travel destination for you.

Since you are reading this article about Thailand’s tourist visas from Bangladesh, you are probably planning on this. However, the first thing you must do to travel from Bangladesh to Thailand is apply for a Thai visa. The set is to apply for a Thai visa. So you can do this very easily without facing any kind of problem, this is why we have published this article. Here you can learn more about Thailand visa from Bangladesh Agent, Fee, and Document. So let’s learn about this in stages without wasting time.

Contact for Thailand Visa Processing

01906-297 831

01906-297 832 

Office Address:  Mukto Bangla Shopping Complex, 4th Floor, Commercial Space No:13-17, Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216 , Bangladesh.

Types of Thailand Visa from Bangladesh

Every year, many tourists flock to Thailand to spend their holidays. Therefore, Bangladesh’s total passport visa service, including the Royal Thai Embassy, is currently running. So if you want, you can travel to Thailand with a tourist visa of some means and spend a nice time there.

  • Thailand Tourist Visa
  • Thailand Transit Visa
  • Thailand Travel Visa
  • Foreign passport visa
  • Visa for Diplomatic Passport

Today we will explain how to get a Thailand visa from Bangladesh through this content. If you follow our procedure completely, getting a visa will be very easy. Currently, the Royal Thai Embassy in Bangladesh and all the documents and rules for the Thai tourist visa can be easily displayed in the application. We have arranged this process by all the rules.

Steps from Start to Finish to Apply for a Thailand Visa from Bangladesh

First, let’s briefly examine the steps to apply for a Thailand visa. This will give you an idea of the whole process.

  • Collect necessary documents
  • Complete the Thailand visa application form
  • Visa application submission
  • Collecting or returning passports

The steps are known. Now let’s not know the details of these.

Required Documents to Apply for a Thailand Tourist Visa from Bangladesh

The first step in applying for a Thailand Tourist Visa or Thailand Travel Visa is to gather the necessary documents to submit the application. So let’s see what documents Bangladeshi travelers need to get a Thailand visa.

  • Thailand Visa Application Form
  • Valid passport valid for at least 6 months
  • 2 copies of passport size photo (size 3.5 x 4.5 cm)
  • 6 months bank statement
  • Bank Solvency Certificate (Total balance is good but not required)
  • Profession Certificate (Trade License, NOC, Student ID, etc.)
  • Visa Request Letter
  • Air Ticket Booking Document
  • Hotel booking document
  • Travel Itinerary or Travel Planning
  • Photocopy of Passport Data Page (photo page)
  • Copy of National Identity Card
  • Latest Thai Visa Copy (if any)
  • Marriage Certificate (if husband and wife apply)
  • Parental consent if under 18 years of age

How Do Fill Thailand Tourist Visa Application Form?

Now that all the documents have been collected, you must fill out the Thailand visa form. The visa form for Thailand is a very short one-page form. So you can meet very easily. First, download the visa form. Then download the form-filling instruction. Now fill out the form by looking at the instructions.

Some Tips for Filling Thailand Tourist Visa Application Form:

  • Fill in the basic information well by looking at the passport.
  • Enter “ALL COUNTRIES EXCEPT ISRAEL” according to your passport here “Countries for which travel document is valid.” However, some new e-passports are re-written. This passport is valid for all counties of the world. In that case, they can write ALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD if they want.
  • In “Proposed Address in Thailand,” you must give any hotel’s information. If you book a hotel, give the information here.
  • “Name and Address of Local Guarantor” Here is the name, address and phone number of someone who knows you well. Many times this local guarantor is called.
  • “Name and Address of Guarantor in Thailand” If you have someone in Thailand who knows you well and knows about your travels, enter their name, address and phone number here. However, almost all of us do not have such a person in Thailand, so they just have to write ‘N / A.’
  • Date of Arrival in Thailand, Traveling by, Flight No. or Vessel Name, according to your air ticket booking.
  • Give your stay plan for a few days in the Duration of the Proposed Stay.
  • Finally, sign and date in the specified box.

Thailand Tourist Visa Processing Fee from Bangladesh

Thailand visa fees or Thailand visa costs vary depending on the type of visa and entry. So to know about the right price you need to know about the type of visa. To do this you can contact us now by calling the number below. This will allow you to combine Thailand the tourist visa processing fee and 2 applications together. However, in order for you to get an idea, a table related to Thailand tourist visa processing fees is published below.

Contact for Thailand Visa Processing

01906-297 831

01906-297 832 

Office Address:  Mukto Bangla Shopping Complex, 4th Floor, Commercial Space No:13-17, Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216 , Bangladesh.

Type of Entry Thailand Visa Fee
Single Entry 4800 TK
Multiple Entry 15700 TK

Processing Thailand Visa from Bangladesh Do it Yourself or with a Travel Agency?

Processing a Thai Visa from Bangladesh You can do it yourself, or if you want, you can do it through a travel agency. Now how do you decide if you should do it yourself or not? So below is a small idea about this.

Reasons to Get a Thailand Visa from Bangladesh Through a Travel Agency

First, if you don’t understand so much, it would be better to get it done through a travel agency. The agency will also return the passport to you by filling out a visa application form. This will not be a problem for you. It will save a lot of time. And the fee that the travel agency charges after the main charge are much less. Less than 1 thousand takas. If you are an employee, an established businessman, or in a good position in any other profession, then getting a Thailand Visa from Bangladesh through a travel agency would be the best option.

Reasons to Apply for a Visa Yourself

But if you are not confident with your paperwork, if your occupation is not conventional, or if you want your application to be unique, then you can apply for a visa yourself. Also, if you want your visa application letter and itinerary to be unique, you can do it yourself. Because the agency submits everything in almost the same format for everyone. But if you think applying for a Thai visa will cost less, that is a completely wrong idea. Because you have to bear almost the same cost.

Important FAQ about Thailand Visa from Bangladesh

What is the cost of Thailand tourist visa from Bangladesh?

The minimum cost of a tourist visa from Bangladesh to Thailand is Single Entry 4800 TK.

Is Thai visa now open for Bangladeshis?

Yes, Now Thailand visa service is available for Bangladeshis.

How long does it take to process Thailand Visa from Bangladesh?

Usually, 10 to 15 working days are required. However, many times the amount can be more or less

Your visa application will definitely be rejected if any of the documents provided for the visa process prove to be fraudulent. Even your going abroad may be stopped only for Thailand tourists. Moreover, you may be caught with a criminal offense. So if there is any such mistake then it is better not to apply for a visa.

We hope you enjoy the article on Thailand visa from Bangladesh. So this time you can apply for a Thai visa as needed. However, if you want to apply for a visa in exchange for a small amount of time wasted, be sure to contact us.

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