Dhaka to Auckland Air Ticket Price & Flight Schedule 2022

Dhaka to Auckland Air Ticket Price & Flight Schedule 2022

Today have a complete arrangement for Dhaka to Auckland Air Ticket Price and Flight Schedule. You want to go from Bangladesh to New Zealand. But air travel will be the safest and most time-saving for you. Because there are regular flights from Bangladesh to Auckland, New Zealand. But now you may be thinking about the details of this flight. So write this whole post for your convenience.

Here we will share accurate information about the times and tickets of all the airlines departing from Dhaka for Auckland. With this, you can easily book your flight from Bangladesh. We will present these issues separately. This will make it easier for you to understand.

Then let’s know the Dhaka to Auckland Air Ticket Price and Flight Schedule one by one.

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Other Information About Dhaka to Auckland Flight

Before booking a flight from Dhaka to Auckland you need to know a few things. Since air travel is a little different from traveling in a food vehicle, there are several rules. The following information is very important for those who do not usually travel by flight. So before discussing the main topic of posting Auckland air ticket prices and flight schedules from Dhaka I would like to inform you about this.

Aerial Distance Between Dhaka to Auckland 11319 KM
Total Flights from Dhaka to Auckland Per Week 21 Flights
First Flight Singapore Airlines
Last Flight Air New Zealand
Popular Airlines on this Road Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines & Qantas
Shortest Time of Flights 16h 0m+
Airport Codes Dhaka (DAC), Auckland (AKL)
Airports Name Dhaka = Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport
Auckland = Auckland International Airport

Dhaka to Auckland Flight Schedule

Now you will be informed about the Auckland flight schedule from Dhaka. Various airlines operate regular flights from Bangladesh to Auckland. However, if you want to be on a long air route, this route has a one-stop flight. You may want to book a flight on the date of your choice. To do this you must know the flight schedule. So without wasting time let us know about the flight schedule before announcing the ticket price.

It’s still about one-stop flights. Because at present there is no flight from Bangladesh to Auckland. This will allow you to complete the journey by taking a break from the travel time.

Dhaka to Auckland One-Stop Flight Schedule

Airlines Name Via Road Total Time
Singapore Airlines Singapore DAC – SIN – AKL 16h 0m+
Thai Airways Bangkok DAC – BKK – AKL 16h 45m+
Malaysia Airlines Kuala Lumpur DAC – KUL – AKL 17h 30m+
Qantas Melbourne DAC – MEL – AKL 18h 30m+
Biman Bangladesh Airlines Kuala Lumpur DAC – KUL – AKL 34h 30m+
Air New Zealand Melbourne DAC – MEL – AKL 20h 40m+

Auckland to Dhaka One-Stop Flight Schedule

Airlines Name Via Road Total Time
Air New Zealand Singapore AKL – SIN – DAC 18h 0m+
Singapore Airlines Singapore AKL – SIN – DAC 18h 0m+
Malaysia Airlines Kuala Lumpur AKL – KUL – DAC 20h 50m+
Qantas Melbourne AKL – MEL – DAC 21h 5m+
LATAM Sydney AKL – SYD – DAC 22h 10m+

Dhaka to Auckland Air Ticket Price

If you know the flight time, let’s find out the Dhaka to Auckland air ticket price. One of the things we always keep in mind when booking an air ticket is the price of the ticket. Because regular price changes are relatively important. If you do not know the price of the right air ticket, then you have to buy a ticket at a higher price.

So you can book the right flight knowing the right ticket price. Here you can set up separate ticket prices for each airline. Also, you can learn about Auckland ticket booking rules and travel agencies from Dhaka. So let’s take a closer look at the list of Dhaka to Auckland air ticket prices without wasting time.

Dhaka to Auckland Air Ticket Price List

Airlines Name Road Fare Rules Ticket Price
Emirates Airlines DAC – DXB – AKL Refundable 134600 BDT TK
Qatar Airways DAC – DOH – AKL Refundable 118200 BDT TK
Singapore Airlines DAC – SIN – AKL Refundable 120950 BDT TK
Biman Bangladesh Airlines DAC – KUL – AKL Refundable 183300 BDT TK
Malaysia Airline DAC – KUL – SYD – AKL Non-Refundable 105900 BDT TK
Thai Airways DAC – BKK – SYD – AKL Non-Refundable 146100 BDT TK

Auckland to Dhaka Air Ticket Price List

Airlines Name Road Fare Rules Ticket Price
Singapore Airlines AKL – SIN – DAC Refundable 121300 BDT TK
Air New Zealand AKL – SIN – DAC Refundable 131300 BDT TK
Qatar Airways AKL – DOH – DAC Refundable 132300 BDT TK
Singapore Airlines AKL – SIN – DAC Refundable 141900 BDT TK
Emirates Airline AKL – DXB – DAC Refundable 182900 BDT TK
Jetstar Airways AKL – SYD – AUH – DAC Refundable 105700 BDT TK

Dhaka to Auckland Flight Baggage Allowance

You already know the Dhaka to Auckland Air Ticket Price. But now you need to know about Flight Baggage Allowance. Because if you don’t know the basic details of baggage allowance, you will not understand how much product you can carry with you. This can lead to various problems at the airport. But if you know this information correctly, you can easily prepare for your trip. So let’s find out about the baggage allowance of each airline.

Airlines Name Baggage
Emirates Airlines 30 KG
Singapore Airlines 30 KG
Malaysia Airline 30 KG (Cabin – 7 KG)
Thai Airways 20 KG (Cabin – 7 KG)
Biman Bangladesh Airlines 20 KG
Qatar Airways 35 KG

Important FAQ About Dhaka to Auckland Air Ticket Price & Flight

Is there a direct flight from Auckland to Dhaka?

No. At present, there are no direct flights from Bangladesh to Auckland. So to reach your destination, you need to book a one-stop flight.

How do I buy a flight ticket from Dhaka to Auckland?

You can call 01906-297 844 to buy Auckland tickets from Bangladesh. Or you can book your ticket directly by visiting the website www.travelsheba.com

What is the minimum time taken from Dhaka to Auckland?

It takes a minimum of 16 hours 0m + time to travel from Dhaka to Auckland.

How do I change the flight date of the Auckland Air Ticket from Dhaka?

To change flight dates, visit the official websites of the airlines you have booked tickets to. Or you can change the date of your ticket by calling 01906-297 844  directly.


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