Amanot Travel International Authorized Association

Authorized Association:

Amanot Travel International is proud to be associated with successful industry players worldwide. Our business affiliates give us a competitive edge and a strategic position in every facet of travel industry to provide our customers with a one stop travel solution.


Our qualified Management team has over two decades of experience. Each member of the senior management will dedicate as much time as necessary to ensure that our clients are satisfied and a successful continuation of business is maintained. The backbone of our award winning service has been our multilingual, knowledgeable, well-travelled team of consultants. All of whom are well oriented in customer satisfaction and are trained and qualified in the fields that they excel in. All staff has spent several years working within a business travel or airline reservation/ticketing environment. On-going training and orientation is a key objective to ensuring the excellent level of service is maintained year in year out.


Various reporting requirements from clients have enabled us to provide timely and accurate reports as required. In addition we work closely with Amadeus and Galileo to ensure that all client feedback is retrieved and provided back to the service provider to ensure that future reporting includes the changes and comments in the feedback.


At Amanot Travels International we believe that keeping our clients informed, is critical to sales growth. Most travel is planned but spontaneous travel is often triggered by good communication. We are a strong user of electronic communication for its speed and simplicity. Our extensive database allows us to talk to thousands of travelers on regular basis through e-shots, special offers and various other means of digital media. We have dedicated personnel just for this function. We have regular advertising in local newspapers, trade magazines both locally and internationally. We also advertise on roadside billboards. We have a dedicated team of staff who take care of the bidding for Tenders for various companies. Having successfully qualified for a lot of these tenders, we have grown our customer base to a considerable size in the past years.

Lastly our Customer feedback forms have proven to be a key source of sustaining our clients and growing our strengths in terms of service within this very competitive environment. Being in the service industry it is natural to have disappointments on certain services rendered by Agents, we make it of prime importance to get client feedback and immediately work on resolving the matter and try to better ourselves for the future. We encourage our clients to give us candid feedback.

Our Authorized Airlines:

To provide a convenient travel experience, we selected the most exquisite 20 airline companies and many hotel chains to allow you the opportunity to choose what suits you best with the most competitive rates in the market.

Amanot Travels International is committed to providing clients with exceptional service and a complete end to end booking solution covering all aspects of your travel needs tailored in house at an affordable prize with pro-active customer service. To be leaders of multi-national travel management in the region and our clients’ best partner, always providing the best possible product, with the highest quality of services, and demonstrating faithfully our commitment towards social and environmental responsibility.

Our IATA certificate

ATAB Membership

ATAB Membership

E-Trade License

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